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Welcome to CWRM Holdings

Since its inception in 1994 the company has consistently introduced products and services with the prime objective in facilitating reduced production and maintenance costs. These actions go hand in hand in creating and maintaining safer, cleaner and healthier environments (SHEQ) using quality products - as detailed below.

SHEQ Principles are automatically converted into Cost Savings

Dry Ice Equipment and Services

CWRM Holdings is the official South African agent for MEC. The company has a full range of blasters, single and double hose, and a variety of pelletizers ranging from 40-kg/hr. to 300-kg/hr.

In addition to Dry Ice Equipment Sales, offers a full Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Service for:

Wire Rope Cleaning - Electrical Switchgear and motors. Tyre Moulds – various manufacturing moulds, Storage Tanks and many other applications

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Fluidized Bed Cleaning

Industry today is facing many challenges when it comes to quality improvement and cost savings. As environmental regulations become more stringent, the drive towards “environmental friendly” solutions continues.

For many companies the cleaning of paint-shop tools, hooks, grids, jigs, etc… is still a problem. Many cleaning methods used to remove coatings, paints and plastics are damaging to the environment. They are very costly and sometimes inefficient.

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Safety Collision Avoidance Systems

Safety Collision Warning and Avoidance Systems are available for Surface and Underground applications.

In both applications, the purpose of these systems is to warn other vehicles in close proximity to each other of any potential collisions and assist in the avoidance thereof.

In Underground applications, besides equipping each locomotive with its own dedicated transmitter, the warning system is extended to all personnel with their own transponder and receiver mounted on each battery pack.

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Fuel Management and Control

The Fuel Management System has been designed to assist the manager of a truck or earth moving equipment user to control his fuel expenditure by gathering fuel related data and controlling the flow of diesel within the fleet.

This is achieved by monitoring activities online during vehicle stoppages. Any fuel dispensed or removed will be recorded and immediately transmitted to the Customer.

In addition the system can also be used effectively to control and monitor fuel consumptions by improving fuel efficiencies.

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Solid State Lighting/LED Lighting

The South African journey into Solid State Lighting commenced in 2008 when the power generation capacities of Eskom were exposed as being substantially vulnerable.

The Potential Life Expectancy and Electricity Power Savings are directly proportional to the quality of the LED lamps installed.

CWRM obtain their high quality LED lighting products from South African Manufacturer Microtronix and Quality Importer Green Lite. These companies only use high quality SSL Elements and Control Gear with a minimum 36-month warranty.

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Oil Spill Control and Remediation

CWRM Holdings is the official South African representative for Virosorb, a "Proudly South Africa" company, the manufacturers of bioremediation products that combat oil spills with excellent oil absorption capabilities.

In addition to providing natural Virosorb loose fibre, as well as various Spill Kits for factory and truck use, CWRM Holdings offers a full Soil Remediation Service.

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Vehicle Access Monitoring & Control

The system is designed to control the movement of vehicles in and out of dedicated security areas with minimal human intervention.

An accurate database of each vehicle passing the access point is maintained, giving management a full record of dates and times per vehicle with associated reports.

These areas can then only be entered by vehicles with the correct security clearance, i.e. vehicles must be registered and be loaded on the database.

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Wire Rope Lubrication Maintenance

Over the past 18 years CWRM Holdings has developed Wire Rope Preventative Maintenance Programmes for various applications, i.e. drum winders, friction winders, stage winders, container cranes, etc.

Rope life improvements of more than three times have been recorded with a resulting ROI (Return of Investment) of >40%.

In this case, these results have been achieved by regular automatic application of the lubricating oil, coupled with the recommended CWRM Manual Rope Lubrication service.

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Rental Payment Facility

What is a Rental?

Rental: (noun) – an agreement where a payment is made for the temporary use of an asset owned by another person / company.

A rental is more than just a definition in a dictionary. It is a means of obtaining the use of the most up-to-date technology with the least capital outlay.

CWRM offers a Rental Payment facility over 36, 48 and 60-month term.

At the end of the term, the asset is passed onto the company by one additional monthly payment.

Where applicable, estimated monthly repayments are included in every quotation submitted.